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36 New Features & Improvements!

  1. You can view each design on every possible shirt color option for each shirt style.
  2. (Mobile) Fully responsive site! *If you are reading this on a phone, then you already know. 🙂
  3. A dedicated ‘News & Updates’ blog section for 36 Styles, allows you to stay up to date on all things regarding the brand.
  4.  You can register on the site which will allow you to view your purchase history by going to My Account>Orders.
  5. A FAQS section has been added which consists of some of the more common questions a new or existing customer might have.
  6.  A Rewards Program has been put in place for all those that register and purchase from the site. Read all about it here.
  7. (Desktop/Laptop) Mouseover image of the product to reveal shirt color options, click on a color to instantly view design on shirt color.
  8.  You now have a variety of shipping options when checking out, ranging in price as well as the shipping speed.
  9.  There is an About Us section in place showing and explaining the history of the brand, make sure to check it out here.
  10.  The Search feature is product-focused and will help you find what you are looking for. Example: search for Gordon Liu.
  11. On each product page, when choosing a color, you will instantly see the design on the selected color.
  12. Each product page for each apparel style has a ‘Size Guide’ that is 100% accurate. Measurements are shown in both Inches (IN) and Centimeters (CM).
  13. As a registered user on the site, you now have the ability to add a product to your ‘Wishlist’, which will make it easier to come back at a later time and make a purchase when you’re ready.
  14.  You can now track your order right on the site, you will just need to enter your Order ID number (which can be found in your order confirmation email) and your Billing Email.
  15.  You can easily submit a review for your 36 Styles purchase and upload an image of yourself wearing the shirt (not required) to be featured in our testimonial section and/or Instagram account.
  16.  Now that the new site is up and running, new designs will be released on a more frequent and consistent schedule.
  17. You can view how many designs are available for each apparel style.
  18. When visiting an apparel style page, such as ‘Long Sleeve’, you can use the filter option to view which of the designs are available on a specific shirt color or size. Example: select the color ‘Maroon’ and it will only show you designs that are available on the Maroon shirt color.
  19. Hooded Sweatshirts (Pullover Hoodies) feature designs on the front as opposed to the back. We have carefully chosen only designs that fit on the front area of a Hooded Sweatshirt.
  20. If a design is on sale, no matter where the product image is displayed on the site, it will feature a ‘Sale’ badge next to it.
  21. The shipping cost on all orders has decreased significantly, especially for those living outside the US.
  22.  There is a new ‘Compare’ feature, which when you select ‘Compare’ for each product, you can then go to the ‘Compare Products’ page and view the ones you chose side-by-side.
  23.  When viewing an apparel style page, or the ‘Shop’ page (which shows ALL products) you can sort the products on the page by the following: Default Sorting, Sort by popularity, Sort by latest, Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low.
  24. (Desktop/Laptop) In the current layout of the site, the Cart is permanently placed on the top right portion of the site, where you will be able to view it any time, regardless of which page you may be on.
  25. When a new design has been added to the site, you will see a ‘New’ badge featured on the product image for each apparel style.
  26. While quite obvious, we are pleased to offer a more modern and clean design of the homepage and overall site. (We do hope you like it)
  27. Now that the site has been redesigned, we will also start to offer other content such as articles, blog posts, think-pieces and eventually movie reviews.
  28. In our efforts to promote the website we will start to have contests and/or giveaways.
  29. While we strive to offer a visually appealing website, we will continually focus on performance and do what we can to present a “speedy” website to our visitors.
  30. We will soon offer an affiliate program where others can earn a commission on sales that were generated from their custom links.
  31. For those that register with the site, you will earn Points from our Rewards Program on your birthday.
  32. When viewing a product page, and for example, you select size ‘4XL’, any colors not available in the selected size will be greyed out and will not be selectable. This also works if you select the color first, example you select the color Navy, any size that Navy is not available in will be greyed out and unavailable for selecting.
  33. After your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirming your order. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email letting you know that your order has shipped as well as a link to track your shipment. You could also use the Order ID provided in the email to check tracking right here on the site.
  34. You will see more of a price variation on the apparel we offer, with more designs going on sale
  35. A huge part of the (ShaolinChamber36.com) 36 Styles website is the Kung Fu Fandom Forum. It has also been updated with new features, with more to come.
  36. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will be notified of special announcements, exclusive offers, and special coupon codes.



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