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36 Styles Inside Label Branding

Since the launch of 36 Styles back on August 2, 2011, inside branding of the shirt was always included. This means there was the 36 Styles logo with shirt size, legal info and wash instructions on a tagless label. Over the last few years, the process of producing these shirts has changed. This change also meant more cost and less profit.  As we venture into this new website, we have committed to a new way of producing the shirts, which means 100% of the shirts will be made in the same method. This method is more costly, and although we did not want to do it, we had no choice but to remove the inside label branding on all apparel. It was either remove this feature or increase the cost of all shirts, which we did not want to do. The reason for the new direction in how we get the shirts made is to keep quality consistent and to process and get orders shipped out more quickly.
Believe me, this was not an easy decision. We do hope you, the supporters will be ok with this and will continue to support our efforts. If our efforts to increase sales of our products succeed, we may consider bringing the inside branding back while trying to keep the cost of the shirts at an affordable price.
We thank you for your understanding and your support. 



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