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Born Invincible “Trigram” (Red) Now Available!

Before 36 Styles introduced the Born Invincible “Trigram” design to the lineup, I posted a mockup image of the design on social media asking if anyone would be interested in it. The mockup image was of the version pictured here, which consisted of 2 colors, white and red. While I personally really favored this colorway and judging from the feedback I received people also seem to like it as well. Due to the colors of the design, and because I was trying to keep cost down and not make it a 3 color design, it would only have been able to go on black colored shirts, or possibly very dark colors. I wanted the design to work on as many different color shirts as possible, so I opted for the 2 color black and white design over the red and white one.

Several years later, I am pleased to announce that not only will we still offer the black and white version, but for the first time, also make available the version that should have been released in the first place. Personally, I really like how the red makes the rest of the design pop, and draws attention to Carter Wong, Jack Long and Lo Lieh. So for those of you who like or even prefer black shirts, here is another one we hope you will add to the collection, in your efforts to make your closet your temple.

Invincible Armour “Eagle Claw” Available On The Following Shirt Styles


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