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  2. Knockabout for me.Great fights,performances and a well made film.Ashamed to say I still haven’t seen Shaolin vs Lama though.(waiting for a decent release)
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  4. I'll be getting this, missed out on the first one when released by 88.
  5. Some tough choices but I have to go with Paper Marriage. These bumps, bruises & falls - Sammo put these people & himself thru hell.
  6. There was some trouble at the PO with these two, but they eventually found my address.
  7. We need this on Blu-ray🥋🐲👊❗
  8. Ah, okay. I see what you mean.
  9. I absolutely hate Shout's site exclusives. Terrible company.
  10. Here is the link: https://shoutfactory.com/collections/site-exclusives-gifts-with-purchase/products/the-brave-archer-collection-exclusive-poster I don't like that it is a site exclusive. @Irongod2112 did you have any hand in this?
  11. They all are. They should just review the tech specs and leave the film reviews to people who know what they are talking about.
  12. I’ve seen Killer in White, big fan of that movie. Its like an old school Kung Fu buddy cop movie!
  13. No doubt it's a Dr Svet review.He's a laughing stock as a reviewer over at BD.COM
  14. Takuma

    Miscellaneous Japanese Cinema Thread

    The Value of Original Japanese Movie Posters Here’s something I feel I need to share. If you live outside of Japan, you’ve probably seen both eBay sellers and actual poster shops listing old Japanese posters for sale. Prices are frequently in the $150 to $400 range. Are authentic Japanese posters really that valuable? Must be, right? Well, generally speaking no. Some are, yes (think of kaiju and tokusatsu), but usually you’re just being ripped off with ridiculous prices. Here’s a perfect example. This shop called “Japan Posters” prides of selling “100% original vintage-sourced Japanese movie posters” and being a licensed antique seller. “This license is only issued by the police” they explain. They say their posters are “sourced directly from all four islands of Japan. Our extensive network includes Japanese dealers, multigenerational businesses and collectors, who pride themselves on a Japanese culture of mastery, honesty and a love for poster art” and add “Almost all of our suppliers have this license.” Seems like a very respectable shop. And they are not lying. They sell authentic posters. Prices seem justified considering all that, right? Here’s one of their new arrivals. The original, authentic Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable poster. They are selling it for 37,100 yen. https://japanposter.co.uk/collection...ze-51-x-73cm-1 I thought it looked awfully familiar, and I wasn’t mistaken: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp...on/n1082984572 That’s right. Look at the damage in the corners. It’s the same poster that was sold on f*cking Yahoo Auctions (Japan's equivalent of Ebay) for 10,050yen ($75) two weeks ago. And now this poster shop is selling it for 37,100 yen ($280) for foreigners who don’t have access to Yahoo. Fair enough, business is business. They are free to purchase and sell posters for whatever prices. But it’s annoying as hell for fans like me who frequently get outbid on Yahoo Auctions by someone who is willing to pay strangely high prices. Well, now I understand what’s going on. Attached screenshots: 1 &2: "New Arrival" product listing at Japanposters.co.uk (screencaptured March 19, 2023) 3&4: Closed auction product at Yahoo Japan Auctions (closing date: March 3, 2023)
  15. The Clown Chainsaw Massacre (2022): A 45-minute horror film that pays homage to the late John Wayne Gacy, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Ten years after he butchered in a small town, Gilbert Gacy was taken by the local townfolk and was burned on a flagpole, vowing revenge. Present day, a group of college students have a Halloween party at an abandoned house, which was the home of Gilbert Gacy. The students are the children of some of the townsfolk responsible for his demise and now, he's ready for revenge. Yup, definitely cheesy fare but that is Dustin Ferguson's forte....he makes films because they are fun and still can be enjoyable, even if the quality is on the low. Headless Horseman (2022): The guys at the Asylum combine Ghost Rider and Wolverine with a taste of Dracula in the form of its titular hero. A man left for dead by the city's biggest drug dealer makes a deal with the devil. He has 24 hours to rescue the love of his life by brandishing a new claw for a weapon, the ability to have a pumpkin for a head, and must drink human blood to recharge his powers. If you know the Asylum by now, you know what to expect, but the saving graces are Michael Pare as the Devil, Nic Carruccio as Brandon the Headless Horseman, and Amanda Jones as Brandon's girlfriend Sofia. Ethan Daniel Corbett's villainous Angel could have been played by Kevin Durand as he has this striking resemblance to him and can play just as evil when Durand plays villains. Neon Maniacs (1986): Read a lot about production problems including a 3-month shutdown when the production ran out of money. The film is definitely cheesy, but it has its notoriety. Leilani Sarelle plays a young woman who survived a massacre at the hands of the titular mutants but no one believes her. She must rely on her new boyfriend Steven and horror fanatic BFF Paula to stop the menacing maniacs. Andrew Divoff, who would play the iconic Wishmaster, plays one of the Neon Maniacs in one of his first roles.
  16. That is nuts..well, to each his own obviously. I did not read his reasons but checked out he gave 4/5 for far weaker Yes, madam
  17. Bluray.com reviews In the Line of Duty 4. Seriously, a 2.5/5 for the whole movie?! 😂 https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/In-the-Line-of-Duty-IV-Blu-ray/326478/#Review
  18. TheMuffinMan656

    The 88 Films Blu-Ray Thread

    I think it's so funny that these people think we care about that their rating of the movie itself. We just want a technical review of the physical media release. We can look plenty elsewhere for reviews of how good the movie is 😉
  19. Sadly, no. But if you want to see Stephen Tung Wai in action, you can watch: The Golden Mask (1977) Shaolin Devil, Shaolin Angel (1978) Eighteen Fatal Strikes (1978) Killer in White (1980)
  20. ShawAngela

    The 88 Films Blu-Ray Thread

    The guy who can't be named posted on Facebook that they are adding some Bruce Le's stuff to this famous book that is still to be released, if I understood well...
  21. Two Andrew Lau films are coming to blu ray from TG Visions Gate. Both to be released on August 25. A Man Called Hero & The Duel. Both are going to be in black keep cases and tech specs including audio and sub options are TBD.
  22. Caine meets Zero. Donnie hooks up with Mark Dacascos at the L.A. premier of the movie. I seriously hope this brief meeting leads to both of them collaborating soon. Mike Leeder actually revealed in his IG post that both were real close of facing each other onscreen for the first time in Benny Chan's Crossfire that was supposed to be set in Mexico but the idea was scrapped when it became Raging Fire. I've been waiting to see this match-up for YEARS so they better make it happen!
  23. I ordered the ITLOD boxset at Amazon earlier today. It's a bit cheaper there priced at $69.99.
  24. PandaPawPaw

    Bruce Lee in video games

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