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  2. It has Lo Lieh, thereby making it valid and important to the world and universe beyond.
  3. AlexanderFu

    The 88 Films Blu-Ray Thread

    Thank you so much, that is very kind of you! I was lucky to get the Slipcover version with the poster from 88 Filma after Amazon sent me just the disc only version twice, which I sent back twice. If any chance some older slipcases/posters like Chinese Boxer, Spiritual Boxer or To Kill With Intrigue from 88 Films are for sale, please PM me! And thank you again for the king offer .
  4. Forget Me Not (2015, d: Kei Horie) - Original tile: Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita - Teenage love story with some vague supernatural trappings and a premise that comes across as an inversion of Fifty First Dates: a high school kid, Takashi, almost hits a girl with his bike one evening. While he's apologizing for the mishap, she runs away with a quick "I'm fine." He meets her on the last day of school before summer vacation and she--we learn her name is Oribe Azusa--informs him that she studies there. From there on out, the two start following in love. Only that she harbors a very bizarre secret: everybody in the world has forgotten that Azusa exists. She can reintroduce herself to anyone, but by the next day, they've forgotten she ever existed. Is Takashi's and Azusa's love for each other strong enough to withstand the curse? Sappy, but compelling, little romance film with some solid performances, although Takashi (played by Nijiro Murakami, of Alice in Borderland) goes overboard on the screaming at the end. The movie never explains the curse, which is probably more effective, although I would have to liked to have had an explanation for Takashi's "immunity" for it.
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  6. laagi

    The Filipino Cinema Thread

    Damn they're also showing this here at a local film festival. I planned for a day already but might have to make the extra 4 hours ride to watch this as well.
  7. Just finished reading a tweet by James Flower. Apparently ’Mercenaries from Hong Kong’ will be part of the Shawscope 2
  8. J.J. Hayden

    Wasted (Asian) Talent in Hollywood

    Well he's not going to get noticed for his "talent" so I guess that kind of BS is all he can do now, it's quite pathetic. Hopefully with the success of films like Top Gun Maverick, Hollywood will go back to making entertainment and things that people want to see, rather than what they believe people ought to see. But I'm done holding my breath.
  9. laagi

    The Villainess (2017)

    If you're just catching up with korean cinema I'm actually rather jealous. As you still get to enjoy it in its prime. Still lots of great stuff coming from Korea nowadays but never again (it seems) at the same level as the early 2000's to late 2010's.
  10. laagi

    Wasted (Asian) Talent in Hollywood

    Yeah and now doing the usual late-night talk show rounds. Kind of lame!? Especially with the whole superhero angle... I mean c'mon.
  11. I came across a supposedly HD version of this, i expected it to be an upscale of the german DVD but just looking at the opening seconds it seems to be a different print. Runs 99:25 and is english dubbed.
  12. Cognoscente

    Hall Of The Unknown - The Game Of Death Appreciation Thread

    Sammo, Nora and Angela were interviewed in the June '78 issue of Roadhouse which advertises the Hell out of GOD.
  13. AlbertV

    Tiger Yang

    Tiger Yang joined forces with Master Bong Soo Han as stunt coordinators on a 1982 B-movie called The Retrievers, starring No Retreat, No Surrender 2's Max Thayer. The lead villain is played by Randy Anderson, who was a student of another TKD legend, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee.
  14. AlbertV

    Tiger Yang

    The aforementioned Mission Killfast I think is one where he is the good guy.
  15. Top Gun Maverick (2022: Joseph Kosinski): this is a fun template nostalgic movie. It is by far best viewed at the cinema. It is a completely predictable Tom Cruise ego fest (like so many of Tom Cruise films – especially in the 1980s), but what a ride. I like that feeling of tense suspense and a nervousness because of it (Or was that too much caffeine?). Cruise’s character is a Maverick. He doesn’t go up in rank or retire. Normally if you do not go up in rank after a few years you are supposed to retire. He just wants to fly very, very fast. In fact, he becomes the fastest man in the world while disobeying orders of head honcho Ed Harris. He gets relegated, nope, he gets a lateral move where he has to train a bunch of Top Gun candidates to do a mission impossible. This includes Miles Teller – the son of Goose whom the son feels is responsible (and something about him preventing him for a time to enter the flying program). And just like in Whiplash he has to go faster and faster. And just like the earlier Tom Cruise films this is a mentor film (like Days of Thunder or Cocktail) except the student is now the master. He doesn’t want to be (being a Maverick, I miss Dirk Nowitzki), but he has to be to continue with the only life he knows. This might be a small spoiler so skip: My goodness, this is basically a sports film where the head coach is asked to enter the game. You might be wondering where Kelly McGillis is (unless you read the news). But they opted for the younger Jennifer Connelly who is the perfunctory love interest (and yeah it is perfunctory here). At first with the texts and the pictures of Val Kilmer I thought they were going to do a Game of Death Bruce Lee here, but he is in it – with a surprise, well not that much of a surprise. Meg Ryan was also not asked back – though also had pictures interspersed throughout. What is up with the John Cassavetes Faces extreme close-up shots for so much of the film? I know Tom Cruise’s face better than my own now. I wonder how much of it was CGId? You can tell that Tony Scott was an influence to many of the directing choices though. Film fans: if you want to see some insane flying sequences check out the silent Wings which was a Best Picture winner. But the action scenes and the flying with it was intense at least in the theater. The booming system certainly helped. Did I lose hearing (I think Static-X did that)? Tom Cruise’s career is certainly still going strong. I saw the trailer for the next Mission Impossible (which will be a two-parter).
  16. masterofoneinchpunch

    Japanese Movie Mini Reviews

    Violent Cop (1989: Takashi Kitano: Japan): I have mixed feelings about this. It is a good film, sometimes very good. It is highly influential and a must watch for fans of newer Japanese cinema. It does have the unfortunate aspect prevalent in so many Kitano films of being misogynistic. This was originally set to be directed by Kinji Fukasaku until he got ill. The producer Okuyama asked Takashi to direct. He then reworked the plot with what you see here: a stoic laconic cop (in some ways reminiscent of Harry Callahan) who is given leeway by his superior because of his results. He gets caught in the middle of his daily work, a psychotic drug dealer and superiors who are possibly the head of a lot of deals themselves. He also takes care of a mentally unbalanced sister. Kitano has been an influence for Johnnie To. You can see several scenes that you could replace with a Milkyway movie: a scene with video games (Throwdown), a long pause and sudden shift with a fast run (The Odd One Dies), and a cop procedural with an overly abusive slap scene (PTU). Kitano has his influences as well. This plot certainly has an Akira Kurosawa’s The Bad Sleep Well feel with the idea that events are controlled from the top. Early scenes of a far away placed camera concentrating on scenes reminds of Tsui Ming-ling earlier Taiwanese films. Kitano’s fascination with rape scenes does get a little annoying. I was about two-thirds through this and I am happy that there was not any. Of course, I was wrong. Being his first film you can see so many of his strengths and faults just in this movie. The ending reminded me a bit of Sonatine’s. There is an aspect here that was just aggravating. Would the character have done it? Possibly, but such a nihilistic answer that seemed to contradict so much of went on earlier. It felt manipulative. But over all it is a good film. It has the Takashi bleak humor. The long pauses and quick violence. The patient camera, detached characters and a doleful edge that points to a lot of his later work. He is an auteur. Not for everyone, but an interesting filmmaker regardless.
  17. Teaser trailer, which confirms that in a departure from his usual work, the film will have a PG rating. In addition, the OG Eddie Munster, Butch Patrick, will appear in the film as the Tin Can Man, who in the series was a robot Eddie had created before it was sabotaged, only to be fixed by Grandpa, or The Count, who Dan Roebuck is playing in the film. https://variety.com/2022/film/news/the-munsters-butch-patrick-casting-1235306310/
  18. J.J. Hayden

    Wasted (Asian) Talent in Hollywood

    Jesus wept.
  19. You are a truly dedicated fan! Man, wait until you get DUEL TO THE DEATH- I'd been daydreaming about a Blu-ray release of this for years... and as far as the disc's contents, it surpassed all my hopes. It's a stupendous release.
  20. Though both are German distributors, Film Art is a different label than TVP- The Vengeance Pack, and the two films mentioned are being released by the later. I'm not sure yet if NEW ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN is from a new scan, but missing footage has been found, restored, and re-integrated back into the film. Here is the English translation of TVP's Instagram post from above: Hello friends, it's been quiet for a long time after deaths and illnesses, the pack returns with a BÄM. Sometimes life just doesn't play out the way you would like, and with just 3 permanent employees, anything can happen. But we were by no means lazy, that much can be said. Of course our final edition of THE SWORD OF THE YELLOW TIGER (aka. NEW ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN, 3 disc Collector's Edition, including an audio commentary by Mike Leeder, Arne Venema and TVP ) will be out next. In tow comes SHANG LI - DEATH HAS 1000 NAMES (aka. MEN OF THE HOUR, HD and uncut)... Attached are 2 teaser pictures. There is also a new podcast (for those who are interested)...topic this time: our favorite Shaw actors and what became of them! More information will follow the days! Please stay healthy and hug your loved ones... who knows how long they'll be around.
  21. laagi

    Wasted (Asian) Talent in Hollywood

    @One Armed Boxer Some excellent examples! I totally forgot about Ken Watanabe. Loved him in Tokyo Vice opposite Ansel Elgort. Not to mention Ninja Assassin dare I say it, is one of my favourite Ninja flix out there. I love the over the top violence and Rain certainly put in the work for his role. BTW, is it just me or do I feel a general dislike for Simu Liu here on the board LOL. But all jokes aside it's crazy how he seamlessly follows the Hollywood routine. Just released his own book "We Were Dreamers: An Immigrant Superhero Origin Story". Of course he has to include the latter, right. Oh man... I don't know.
  22. After essentially retiring from acting 8 years ago, Cameron Diaz is returning with a new action-comedy that will co-star Jamie Foxx for a new Netflix film called Back in Action. Details are under wraps, but it was Foxx who dropped the bomb about Diaz's return to films. Her last film was the 2014 remake of Annie, which also co-starred Foxx.
  23. The trailer is dropping on July 6 and a screening tour is set to begin in September according to Kevin Smith's official Twitter.
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