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  2. Legendary Collection dvd of great "the invincible sword" is good, tho not "perfect". But at least it`s original language subbed(likely some typos around, been some years since watched it), widescreen and fair PQ.
  3. A new and awesome spin on a familiar image. Love these, especially the top one with red lettering!
  4. Incredible interview! Canvan's insights are a breath of fresh air. He's really put in the work to understanding Game of Death. Can't wait to see the updated version.Mpm74 do you know if he's planning to share his script treatment? That would make a great Bluray extra!
  5. venom10463

    My Collection For Sale

    Hello everyone, I've slowly started getting rid of the DVDs that I've built up over the years. Prices will range from 5 to 20 dollars + shipping and condition varies from very good to good. Due to the size of my collection, I will regularly update this listing in alphabetical order. 2 Great Cavaliers - Crash Cinema 3 Seconds Before Explosion - Kino 5 Venoms vs Wu Tang/Venom Warrior - Ground Zero 7 Star Grand Mantis/Dragon Kid - Ground Zero 7 Grand Masters - Tokyo Shock 7 Swords (2 Disc Set) - Dragon Dynasty 8 Escorts - World Video & Supply 8 Immortals - Fusian 9 Demons - Terracotta 13 Assassins - Animeigo 13 Worms - Crash Cinema 47 Ronin (Kon Ichikawa) - Animeigo A Warrior's Tragedy - Winson Entertainment Distribution A Dirty Carnival - Genius Entertainment Along Comes the Tiger - BCI/Rarescope A Chinese Ghost Story Trilogy - Fortune Star/IVL A Chinese Torture Chamber Story - Discotek A Sword Named Revenge/Dream Sword - BCI/Rarescope Angela Mao Ying Collection (6 Films) - Shout Factory Amazons vs Supermen - BCI/Rarescope Another Public Enemy - Tartan Video Absurd Brave - Fusian Axing of the Coffin - Crash Cinema Azumi - Asia Vision Azumi 2 - Asia Vision Amsterdam Connection - Crash Cinema Above the Law - Dragon Dynasty An Empress and the Warriors - Dragon Dynasty Assault of the Final Rival - Saturn Ashes of Time - Mei Ah Ashes of Time Redux - Sony Bruce Lee Invincible - Goodtimes Burning Paradise - Mo Asia/German Blood of the Dragon - Platinum Bloody Duel: Life & Death - Crash Cinema Bloody Mask - Fusian Breaking News - Palm Pictures Bio Zombie - Tokyo Shock Blade, The - MIA Body Weapon - Mei Ah Blood Treasury Fight - World Video & Supply Bodyguard/Bodyguard 2, The - Magnet Black Belt Karate - Crash Cinema Bonecrushers aka The Manchu Boxer - Brentwood Beautiful Swordswoman - Crash Cinema Big Bullet - Universe Laser & Video Co Beast Cops - Media Asia Ballistic Kiss - Universe Laser & Video Co Bride with White Hair - Universe Laser & Video Co Butterfly Sword - Tai Seng Bohachi: Clan of the Forgotten Eight - Discotek Broken Sword - Crash Cinema Battle of Shaolin - Crash Cinema Battle of the Warriors - Dragon Dynasty Blind Fist of Bruce - Brentwood Battle of Okinawa - Animeigo Bloody Territories - HVE Entertainment Blue Jean Monster - Fortune Star/Legendary Collection Blackmail is my Life - HVE Entertainment Born to Fight (2 Disc Set) - Dragon Dynasty Beach of the War Gods - Fortune Star/Legendary Collection By Hook or By Crook - Fortune Star/Legendary Collection Blind Menace - Animeigo Baian The Assassins (4 Disc Set/Complete Collection) - Tokyo Shock Bushido: The Cruel Code of the Samurai - Animeigo Bullet in the Head (2 Disc Set/Ultimate Collection) - Fortune Star Blonde Fury - Deltamac Bodyguards and Assassins - Vivendi Entertainment Black Belt - Tokyo Shock Blood Fight - Front Row Entertainment Ballad of Narayama - Animeigo
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  7. maybe I'll watch it again soon
  8. WarriorBloodCrest

    Bruce Lee's The Big Boss (Appreciation Thread)

    This is beat to hell and incomplete (there's a composite version on the same YouTube channel, but it's a bit jarring), but this is the first I've seen any of the deleted footage scanned in anything higher than standard definition. https://youtube.com/watch?v=IUYy7ZqT4D8
  9. Juju is in it, you can see her on the poster jump kicking and Looking forward to seeing WARRIOR's Jason Tobin joining the action Ref Gareth and Iko, i think a lot of people still dont get that Gareth contributes so much to the action himself in terms of ideas, camera angles , the flavour of the action... they work so well as a team
  10. Drunken Monk

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Today’s delivery…
  11. LTM. on Hot Cool and Vicious alone.
  12. I was looking for some mindless entertainment today so I sat down and watched 2021’s Escape Room: Tournament of Champions. I didn’t love the first film but I thought it had incredible set design. Well, the second film is much of the same. Though I did enjoy this one a lot more. It’s actually REALLY entertaining despite being 90 minutes of people trying to escape a variety of…well…rooms. It’s all good fun. My chief complaint is that it isn’t R rated. It could have done with some heavy gore to spice things up a little. But if you’re looking for a very easy semi-horror film to watch, I’d recommend this one. It’s like Saw’s little brother.
  13. I was surprised to hear Simon Mayo reference the set in his DVD of the Week feature.
  14. @ZenkaigerBat you'll enjoy Real Kung Fu!
  15. DarthKato

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    That TC 2000 cover is incredible.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Probably Intimate Confessions but I also love Killer Clans, Death Duel, Magic Blade and Sentimental Swordsman(and others)
  18. @DrNgor The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is my least favorite of all the Spider-Man films. I saw both of the Andrew Garfield ones in the theater. I do like all of the references in the No Way Home. So I cannot blame the actor nor the characters themselves. I don't mind SM3 and this it is over-maligned. I am in the mood to rewatch it sooner than later while I do not want to rewatch either AMS anytime soon (though I did give a decent review to the first, while absolutely disliking the second).
  19. masterofoneinchpunch

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    The Warriors Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa Revised and Expanded Edition (1991/1999) by Stephen Prince The first book read of the year: I am a fan of Kurosawa and he is one of my favorite directors. I have seen all (and own all) of his extant movies and have several books on the director. Kurosawa is often known just for his jidai geki films, but he has directed so much more. Some of my favorites like Ikiru and The Bad Sleep Well and modern dramas. Donald Richie’s The Films of Akira Kurosawa (3rd Edition Expanded) is still the first book you should get on Akira Kurosawa. It is referenced quite a bit here and is the most well-known and popular book on Kurosawa. To understand Kurosawa, buy his autobiography Something Like an Autobiography, which is also referenced a lot in this book, but is also just a good read. But this book does is worth reading if you are a fan of Akira Kurosawa and/or Japanese cinema. This was original published in 1991 before Kurosawa had finished his career and then Chapters 8 and 9 were published in 1999. This is noticeable and a small issue when you read some passages in the original chapters. They do not fit with the end of Kurosawa’s career. For example: “In his most recent films, this past has entirely displaced twentieth-century Japan.” Obviously, statements like these should have been rewritten. He overdoes the Brechtian analysis the way some books overdo the Marxist analysis of a subject. “Though lacking the explicitly Marxist politics of Brecht’s theater, Kurosawa is a cinema of profound sensual pleasure, through which a consistently critical portrait of the social order is communicated.” This does not say much, so many films deal with this (Martin Scorsese). There are some similarities to Brecht, but not as much as what the author feels. Sometimes he extrapolates the small into the large like with Yojimbo: “Capitalism has been defeated but only at the cost of destroying time and the world.” Oftentimes these statements say more about the author than the auteur on display. There are other small disagreements. I think more highly of The Idiot then he does. I think much more highly of Tatsuya Nakadai in the later Kurosawa’s then he does. His writing is academic, which I do not mind, but sometimes he overdoes the references without saying why he picks the reference ala Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Noel Burch (though to be fair he normally puts a footnote, which I really like) and sometimes has a postmodern feel to his writing (though he also eschews this in the last two chapters.) For example: “Unlike the way in it functions for Brecht or Oshima, the nonlinear narrative here signifies entropic condition.” This book is worth owning. His comments on the camera work are enlightening – though when it is meticulously detailed you wish you had pictures like with what David Bordwell does with his scene explanations in Planet Hong Kong. Prince’s viewpoints are often illuminating and in vast detail. You will learn more about Akira Kurosawa and his films. Kurosawa: Film Studies and Japanese Cinema by Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto is an underrated Kurosawa book. Has anyone read book(s) on Akira Kurosawa? Thoughts?
  20. I've been skipping the series so far as I'm not really a fan of these supernatural elements. I'm a simple guy when it comes to my action/martial arts flicks. The trailer looks OK. Nothing special really but as long as it delivers on the action front I don't really mind. Lots of comments I've seen mention Gareth Evans. I have to agree that what him and Iko had was some sort of magic. The best talent in front of the camera is worth nothing without the right direction. Who knows one can dare to dream that they might be able to re-create some of that magic one more time before Iko's talent is burned out once and for all. God knows Hollywood already did their fair share with that!
  21. starschwar

    Jackie Chan

    1986 does seem to be plausible. The artwork features some soldiers armed with the British L85 assault rifle, which was introduced in '85. Unsure when photos of that might have been available to the public, I'm no Tom Clancy. As for the "Number One Summer Hit" - maybe they released this version on the very, very first day of Summer that year, before any other action movies, so it could hold that title by default? I'd love to peek into the alternate universe where Fantasy Mission Force was a big hit in the US.
  22. FightingFool

    Jet Li's worst movies

    KF Cult Master, The master, Hitman&New legend are worst. OUATIC III is bad to some degree. Have feeling did not like Black Mask but it`s been so long time since saw it not sure if memory serves correct. Kids is not great(too much comedy) but action is superb and chinese locations incredibe so can`t put it among worst. Fearless is his last asian movie have seen..Probably FSY1&2, High Risk and born to defence were not that impressive either as have gotten rid of dvds Love Last hero in China.
  23. FightingFool

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    ^I liked it later lot more than 1st time, decent kung fu comedy WHEN mood is right for such.. Vengeance of a snowgirl. Screen cap from special features of ivl pretty much sums it(roughly) when comes to storyline but of course there are twists on a journey to volcano for item which can cure legs of snow girl... Lo Weis final(&best) movie for Shaws imo is absolute masterpiece. Lasting about 2 hours, longer than most movies around early 70s and not that many were made later with approx same running time..Cast is excellent, female lead being Li Ching who gets to do fair amount of action. Yueh Hua is male lead and shaw regulars ku feng and tieng feng do well also. Worth mentioning is Lisa chiao chiao as daughter of ku feng. Samo hung and wilson tong have smaller roles.. It is bit slow boiling at times but movie is so fascinating it really does not matter, always interesting...one of "desert island" flicks certainly....
  24. Thanks for the heads-up @Yihetuan. I'll still keep an eye for an original copy, that booklet seems like a must have. There's a copy on ebay, but going for 100$!
  25. Generally the former, but a little of the latter.
  26. Love Craig Lines' write-ups, especially his reviews found on Ninjas All The Way Down site.
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