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  2. Dredderick_Tatum

    Won Jin

    Won Jin as Brother Of X in 1991's Swodsman San Ji-Ni -Appeared In The City. Again this is only a guest appearance, but even though it's not long he gets a great little fight at the end of the film.
  3. DragonClaws

    Bolo Yeung - (Yang Sze)

    The following 1992 Hong Kong bodybuilding show, was co-hosted, organized and promoted by Bolo Yeung.
  4. DragonClaws

    Jackie Chan

    It might be a cut scene?, or maybe he was just trying out some ideas?.
  5. DragonClaws

    Chen Kuan-Tai

    This may be of interest to you, Jackie Chan was one of the producers. Its all about meat free diet and athletes.
  6. Omni Dragon

    Your favorite Harry Potter movie?

  7. Today
  8. Yes, Shaolin Temple takes place in the "middle" of the film. What takes about two hours in one movie is condensed into a couple of a minutes in the other. They continuity isn't perfect: One film posits Fang Shiyu and Hu Huichien at the temple simultaneously, while another has them entering at different times. A tentative chronology would be: 1. Fang Shiyu's father is killed by the Wudan (in league with the Qings); 2. Hu Huichien's father is killed by the dye factory guys; 3. Hu Huichien unsuccessfully tries to avenge his father; 4. Both men go to Shaolin Temple to train; 5.
  9. Awwww, man! Okay, But hopefully Righting Wrongs aka Above the Law???
  10. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  11. At least I presume it is from the 70s. I once saw a clip on youtube of an end fight in and around a wooden mill. From what my memory tells me I would place the film in the mid 70s, the fight was more basher/brutal than fancy and acrobatic. On and off I remember the scene and try to look for it but alas... Since you are all masters of kung fu cinema i'm sure to get a bunch of titles to look through :-D
  12. Duel to the Death

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    I have seen that one. But i had no idea is was associated with him.
  13. Hu Hui Qian goes to shaolin in order to learn martial arts and take revenge for his father's Murder, if I remember well. You should also watch Showdown at the Cotton Mill, which is more focused on Hu Hui Qian' s story, still if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Chen Kuan-Tai

    http://hktopten.blogspot.com/2021/04/20210422-dietary-changes-make-both.html I had not thought becoming vegetarian could cause that kind of health problems but what do I know. I just hope he will be able to stay active and feels good. Take care, Mr. Chen!! Tak
  15. I just watched it on HBO Max and two..no make that three words...Holy F**king Awesome! They made their promise and saw some insane fatalities, pretty nice fight scenes courtesy of stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner and fight choreography Chan Griffin and some nifty little twists in the story. It does leave room for a sequel...bring McQuoid, Wan, Griffin, and Gardiner to do it and I'm all in.
  16. Duel to the Death

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    Are you saying that Shaolin Temple takes place in the middle of this movie? So when the character Hu Huichen goes to Shaolin Temple should i imagine it is a different take on the movie Shaolin Temple? But condensed down to a couple minutes? Since our heroes die in the end that would be my assumption.
  17. Duel to the Death

    VCD questions

    This post was very informative. I keep seeing VCD's of movies i want on Ebay. They are sometimes cheaper. But people are jacking up the prices on some of those as well. My only experience with vcd was in the early 2000's and me and a friend bought the Star Wars Trilogy. I'm pretty sure this was before or around the time it was released on dvd. We thought it looked and sounded terrible. Not only was the movie pixelated, the sound was crackling. Was never sure if it was my dvd player or what. The reviews for the star wars set was favorable and people were saying it looked better than vhs. W
  18. I was able to watch Dynasty on a 3D projector, and the effects are really great. Better than a lot of recent cgi 3d effects. When a sword would point at the camera or a flying guillotine would take a head off, it genuinely brought a smile to my face. It was lots of fun.
  19. Dredderick_Tatum

    Won Jin

    It's so humble, it looks like the cinema where I live, lol.
  20. venom10463

    ISO: Dance of the Drunken Mantis

  21. Me too. I couldn't miss out on the limited edition with the hybrid cut.
  22. Me too. I couldn't miss out on the limited edition with the hybrid cut.
  23. venom10463

    ISO: Dance of the Drunken Mantis

    You can either track down the soulblade or Mei ah release. Both are remastered but the soulblade version has an incorrect aspect ratio. From my recollection, a custom was made available on adc to fix the issue with the soulblade version. I believe I have all three versions, but it would take me a couple of days to locate them.
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