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What ELSE (other than KUNG FU) has everyone been watching?

Guest kenichiku

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Guest gorlank

I watched Fake Ghost Catchers and Treasure Hunters last night. They were both a lot of fun but Treasure Hunters was the better for pure action. Yang Tsing Tsing is incredible as the mute girl with the double blade style. She is undoubtedly the best female martial artist that I've ever seen. Speed, flexibility and grace in a pretty package. Her comic battle with Fu Sheng was so enjoyable. Wang Lung Wei is great as well with his patented evil villain in kindly guise performance.

I don't know much about Chang Chan Peng but he's in both films and is a strong welcome presence. Excellent martial artist/acrobat.

FGC is slightly wackier with a mixture of ghostbusting and comic hijinks, still a good film and Fu Sheng's cowardly actor bit is quite amusing. There is some well done action as well. All in all, two excellent films with TH the better for traditional kung fu action, that 5 "longan" position is something else.

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Guest mcentepede

I just bought a new batch of kung fu films. Here are the titles that was on the cover.

Buddha's Palm and Dragon Fist: with 7 Grandmasters star

White Dragon: with the pretty girl from Running on Karma

Sting of the Dragon Masters: With Angela Mao Ying

Running on Karma: with Andy Lau

God of Gamblers: with Andy Lau and Chow Yun Fat

Confessions of a Courtesan: with alot of pretty girls

Believe it or not...all of these are solid films, can I pick em or what? The worst of the lot is maybe the Angela Mao film, which is old-style aikido and tae kwon do (with Jhoon Rhee). Angela Mao steals the show with here fighting style(aikido or Hapkido) and even Sammo Hung stars in it. But the other movies were fantastic.

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Guest kenichiku

All reruns:

Silent Swordsman ***

The Lizard ***.5

Twin Blades of Doom ****

Im Sang Soo, A Good Lawyer's Wife ****

Kaneto, Onibaba ***.5

(5 star max.)

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Guest kenichiku

LKL, Dirty Ho *****/5 (as majestic as it's ever been)

Lo Wei, Summons to Death **.5/5 (even remastered, camp's losing its luster)

Ho Meng Hua, The Long Chase (VHS) ****/5 (Lady Hermit fans take close notice)

Chang Cheh, Man of Iron (VHS) ***.5/5 (underrated)

Tang Wang, Cinderella & Her Little Angels (Cathay) **.5/5

Mike Leigh, Vera Drake *****/5

Phil Kaufman, White Dawn ***/5

Woody Allen, Sleeper ****/5

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  • Member

Clan of amazons ***.5

Death valley***(thought it would be better,as this was hyped awhile ago.Not bad,but have seen better late 60's)

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Guest Ivy Ling Po

The Proud Twins - too much of Fu Sheng's clowning spoilt this movie for me but it did pick up during the last 15 minutes. Ouyang Pei Shan is good here with the sword as the Green Fairy. Candy Wen repeats more of the same impish role she has always played which invariably includes impersonating a male.

Who played the princess of Yi Hua palace? I thought she was cool.

Bruce Lee & I - how come Betty Ting Pei is not a Shaw star in this flick? She seems to be a porn actress and a call girl. How can this be accurate? Danny Lee is exceptional as Bruce.

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Guest whamsabi

Now I am watching Warriors 2.

I just finished:

2 Wondrous Tigers

Executioners From Shaolin

Stroke of Death

Proud Twins- I actually liked this movie.Fu Sheng was not as silly as he was in Cat vs. Rat

Savage 5

non- kung fu movies

A Chump at Oxford- Laurel and Hardy

A lot of old school wrestling AWA, WWF, NWA,etc.

Bad Santa- Billy Bob Thornton- One of the funniest movies ever

The Apostle- Robert Duvall- One of his greatest


Where's Poppa- directed by Carl Reiner- Really funny and underrated.

What about Bob?- Bill Murray/ Richard Dryfuss- Funny as hell. I really enjoyed this movie.

It's a Gift- W.C Fields- This was hilarious!

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Guest ironfistedmonk2003

Watched Mystery Men last night, not the best film!

Saw Proud Twins, Blood Child and Ninja in the Claws of the CIA over the weekend. Proud twins was pretty good, better than Heroes Shed No Tears IMO, Blood Child (5 Fingers of Steel) has some good action and some bad boy kf actors including Hwang Jang Lee, Kwan Young Moon, Yuen Mo, Yen Shi Kwan and Jue Tit Woh, shame the story is bog standard stuff.

Warning: Ninja in the Claws of the CIA is probably the worst film I have ever had the misfortune to watch, do not under any circumstances waste precious minutes of your life on this abomination

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Guest Ivy Ling Po

Call To Arms.

Tsung Hua is dashing as a prince and Hsia Fan looks regal and elegant but it is Chang Pin who steals the show where I am concerned. He looks a lot like a young Danny Lee. How come he is in so few Shaw movies I wonder?

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Guest beardy

Just got done watching 7 Steps of Kung Fu and The Hot, the Cool, and the Vicious last night!!! First time watching them both. Definitely a treat for me!!! The craziest thing is, I just bought Drunken Master yesterday because I have never seen it yet!!! Saw hundreds of movies, but not this classic. I hope I am in for a treat with this one!!!

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Guest teako170

Ninja in the Deadly Trap.

Gotta get my Venoms fix twice a month. I only wish I could find a wide-screen copy of that flick.

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Guest godzillakungfu

Lady is the Boss.

New Tales of the Flying Fox.

Musa The Warrior


7 Steps of Kung Fu.

Shaolin and Wutang.

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Guest sammofan

King Cat - Old fashioned wuxia film that was interesting as you see where LKL got the inspiration for Cat vs Rat. 6/10

New Tales Of The Flying Fox - My 4th viewing of this film. The action scenes are actually very good with none of the speed-up that spoilt Lady Assassin and Secret Service Of The Imperial Court. It's 1/2 hour shorter than Legend Of The Fox but packs more story and tells it better! 9/10

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Guest Ivy Ling Po

Ah....this has the beautiful Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia in one of her damsel in distress roles.

Profile Of Pleasure (1988) Adam Cheng is officer assigned to shut down brothels but falls in love with prostitutes Rosamund Kwan and Nina Li Chi much to the amusement of their madam (Pauline Wong) and the indignation of his fiancee Carina Lau. Despite the power cast and generous nudity from unknown starlets, I yawned continually and waited for it to end. Adam Cheng's wig has never been so obvious.

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