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Barry Chan


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Anybody remember Barry Chan (衛子雲)? Despite making a whole lotta films, he never became too well known.

http://www.hkmdb.com/db/people/view.mht ... ay_set=eng

Anyway, I happened to find out that over the last few years he's made a lot of Kung Fu instructional DVDs: Qi Gong, Mantis Fist Basics,... and who knows what else.

Interesting to see him in this different light.


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Y'Know, I've looked at that film list, and I maybe have half a dozen of them on the shelf. But I haven't watched them yet.

Poor form, really. I must get my act together!

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Ok, it's time to revive this thread.

That's true that Barry Chan is underrated !

I saw him in several movies and I always enjoyed watching him.

As the first member said in the first post, it seems that he has developed martial arts techniques and put them in a method. I also saw today, while looking for the clip in which he sings, that he seems to have a martial arts school. There are several clips of him and his students on youtube.

Here is his method :



When I think that I had to wait for so many years to discover that he is a real  martial artist !!...

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