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Benny Urquidez


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Benny Urquidez - Basic-Biography & Filmography

"Fear is the foundation for all human limitations" - Benny Urquidez


The above image comes from Benny The Jet Urquidez's offical site. Note the Native American influence on his ring attire.

Link- https://bennythejet.com/

Fighter, author, actor, stuntman, teacher and fight choreographer Benny Urquidez was born on the 20th of June 1952, in Tarzana Carlifornia USA. His mother was a Pro-Wrestler, and his father was a devoted boxer. His parents were of Blackfoot Indian- Mexican and Spanish ancestry. Starting his Martial Arts training aged seven, under American Kenpo Karate pioneer and close friend of Ed Parker, Bill Ryusaki. When he was just 12, he witnessed Bruce Lee's 1964 Long Beach Martial Arts demonstration. This drove, him to compete in local Karate point tournaments, in the Los Angeles area. By the age of fourteen Benny had already achieved a Black Belt in his chosen style.

With such an extensive background in competition fighting and the Martial Arts, you could devote an entire book to just this part of his life. Here is just a very small sample of his Martial Arts credentials. He was an eight-time World Kickboxing Champion, in five different weight divisions. Like the boxer Roberto Duran, he could fight at many different weight classes and still retain the same amount of success. His kickboxing record stands at sixty- three wins, zero loses, two draws and fifty-four knockouts. In 1974 in entered an early mixed Martial Arts tough man event in Hawaii. At five foot six and 146lbs, Benny defeated the much larger 6'1 230lb Dana Goodson.

In 1981 he broke into the movie business, landing a role in the Robert Clouse directed Force Five. Later appearing in two Jackie Chan screen classics Wheels on Meals(1984) & Dragons Forever(1987). Appearing in both films epic and highly regarded one on one throwdowns. He trained actor Patrick Swayze for his role in Roadhouse(1989). In a addition to working on the films brutal and kinetic fight choreography. The same year he would star alongside his Force Five co-star and life-long friend Richard Norton, in The Fighter. Not forgetting his only Pro-Wrestling appearance?, at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Super Powers Clash(1989).

In the late 90's, he would train actor John Cusack for his role in Grosse Point Blank(1997). In which he also has a minor cameo, playing one of Cusack’s on-screen foes in the films standout fight sequence. He would work with John Cusack again on Con-Air(1997), The Contract(2006), War Inc(2008), 1408(2008), and Dragon Blade(2015). His last screen appearance, was in the 2017 short The Exchange directed by Brian Eggleston.

Still in fighting shape, Mr Urquidez continues to stay in shape and be active in the world of Martial Arts.


Filmography & Stuntwork: 1981 - 2017


New Gladiators (1973) - Self

King of the Square Ring (1980) Self

Force Five (1981)

Wheels On Meal (1984)

Fights to the Finish (1987)

Dragons Forever (1988)

Roadhouse (1989) Thug Uncredited

The Fighter (1989)

Tango & Cash (1989) Thug Uncredited


Down the Drain (1990)

Ragin Cajun (1990)

Martial Law (1990)

Bloodmatch (1991)

Lucky Dragon (1991)

Gladiator (1991) Uncredited

Midnight Sting (1992)

Street Fighter (1994)

For Life or Death (1996)

Grosse Point Blank (1997)

Enter the Eagles  (1998)

2000 - 2009

Pianoforte (2001)

Spider-Man (2002) Uncredited

Shakles (2005)

1408 (2007)

2010 - 2020

Left to Die (2015)

Underdog Kids (2015)

The Exchange (2017) Short

T.V Roles: 1995 - 2002

Chicago Hope (1995)

Alias (2002)

Criminal Minds (2015)

Stunt Work

Battling Amazons (1987)

Road House (1989)

The Fighter (1989)

Tango & Cash (1989)

Kickboxer 2: The Road Back

Bloodmatch (1991)

Gladiator (1992)

Midnight Sting (19920

Blood In, Blood Out (1993)

Good Cop, Bad Cop (1993)

Hellbound (1994)

Natural Born Killers (1994)

Street Fighter (1994)

Grosse Point Blank (1997)

The Big Hit (1998)

Safe House (1998)

Enter the Eagles (1998)

Soldier (1998)

Price of Glory (2000)

Ali: An American Hero (2000)

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Spider Man (2002)

The Medallion (20030

The Contract (2006)

1408 (2007)

War, Inc (2008)

Shanghai (2010)

The Genesis File's (2010)

Criminal Minds (2011)

Hard Rush (2013)

The Exchange (2017)


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