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Update: Loose discs are on their way to a good home

One Eyed Fighter

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One Eyed Fighter


I have a box of loose DVDs and DVD-Rs of old martial arts films.  I hate to just toss them, but can't take them with me on my next move.  If you want them, please message me and you get the lot at no cost to you.  I will pay for shipping to the U.S. only.

Here are some of the discs:

American Shaolin (Universal) R2 PAL

Iron Angels 1 & 2 (Eastern Collection German R2 release; Mona Lee)

Ultra Force 1 & 2 (Eastern Collection German R2 release; Mona Lee)

In The Line Of Duty 3, 4, & 5 (R3)

Bruce King Fu Girls, Angel Terminators 2, Dignified Killers, Kong Fu Wonderchild, Lunatic Frog Women, Fatal Termination, Deadly Silver Angels, Evil Karate, Hero Dream, and a few more all on DVD-R (most of these are fairly low quality and were not available on factory discs when I acquired them).


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Status change 🙂
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