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Roll Call: Please post your info (new & old members)

Guest da mischievous wingding

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Guest da mischievous wingding

hey, everyone. I thought it would be interesting to have everyone who utilizes this forum post some basic information about themselves, namely where do you live, how long you have been collecting and from where do you buy your movies?

as for me, i live in Rochester, NY, but I began collecting while living in the New York City area. I've been collecting since 1997, or 1998. i've bought from shops in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn and Times Square, New York. i've bought from chain retailers like SunCoast and FYE. I've bought from some members of this forum. today, i often buy online.

and you...?

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Guest limubai2000

I live on the US Trust Territory of Guam in Micronesia, Asia.

I've been actively collecting since 99.

I get my movies from -





the mighty Amazon

and by travelling to Taiwan, HK, or the Philippines.

[edit - add] - I stopped counting my collection at 800...

I'm 34 but I will start retro-aging this year and turn 33. :P

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Guest leung jarn

Uk, collecting since 2000. got along way to go to catch up with you guys.

I prefer old school classic kf but don't mind a bit of wire work.

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Guest ShaofuSage

New Jersey, US - been collecting since '96, started off slow since I was still in high school and had little money, but have been pickin' up speed lately. For years, I bought from random stores in the Jersey/Philly/NY area, but now I strictly purchase on-line from DDDHouse, Amazon, HKflix. My collection presently stands at a humble 230 movies.

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Guest iron flag

I'm origanally from N.Y.C.,now living in Berlin,Germany via L.A. Been a big fan of K.F.Movies since 81' or so. Had VHS copies of many popular Movies (Venoms, Gordon etc.)since the 80's but just got really into collecting since 2001(When I finally got a DVD Player and started using the net.)I have about 220 MA DVD's.

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Guest TheManInWhite

I live in Long Island by way of NYC. I've been a fan since mid-70s and buying films since the earlier 90s. I stopped for a while then took it back up again within the past few years. I'm far from a hardcore collector as I'll only buy what I like or what has gotten favorable reviews. I'm not much of an online buyer. In fact, the most buying I do is with the members here at this forum. Otherwise, I'll venture to my local Pathmark which surprisingly has a pretty good selection of cheap KF DVDs. I get my Celestial SB fix when I borrow movies from my father-in-law who get his films from YesAsia. Once I get my Cyberhome DVD player, I guess I should start buying my own Celestials. :lol

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Guest Holy Robe of Shaolin

Name: Holy Robe of Shaolin

Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Age: 35

First Kung Fu film: Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth (I was about 9 years old when I first seen it.)

Collecting since: 1991

Total collection: 485 VHS / 653 DVD's

I get my films from: Rarekungfumovies.com, HK Flix, Poker Industries, Ebay, Vomit Bag Video, Amazon.com, Flash Legs UK.

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  • Member

Live in the US

Started collecting in 1999.

I buy most everything from either CDWOW or dddhouse. Rarely I might purchase something at a traditional DVD outlet such as BestBuy.

Half of my movie collection is kung fu and I have over 600 movies.

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Guest ironfistedmonk2003

From the UK, 28 years old.

My first Kung Fu film was probably Enter the Dragon so far back in the mists of time I couldn't guess what year. Been collecting for about 6 years now, got just over 1100 films not including different formats/versions, around 900 odd are Martial Arts movies. Cleaned out the local stores and buy all my stuff online now, mostly from CD-Wow, DDDHouse, Play.com, Sendit.com, Flashlegsrare

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Guest Knockabout

Danish prime male, 25 years old.

Collecting VHS since 1995, DVDs around 2000 (after I got the internet) and first now DVD-Rs..

I only buy DVDs from England (or other EU countries), to avoid paying taxes.

Most of the time by using: www.find-dvd.co.uk

Since I still enjoy watching the movies, more than collecting them, my collection is only a mere 330 films (not counting VHS).

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Guest gogalee

Hello evreyone, Mabuhay! i'm an avid kung fu fan & collector fr. the philippines, i've started collecting films since the time of betamax movies in the mid-80's. i got around more than 1000 movies on my collection and still growing.

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Guest killer meteor

Killer Meteor AKA James Lee

Location: Lancashire, England

First Kung Fu film: Game Of Death

Year Of Viewing First KF Film: January 2001

Age: 18

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Guest monk sante



Monk Sante

first kung fu film: "the Big Boss"

I've been a Kung Fu movie fan since the mid 70's (yes im an old fart)

been collecting films since the late 70's and beyond.

I have thousands of kung fu films in my library.


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Guest GwaiLoMoFo

Name: GwaiLoMoFo


Location: USA, Washington State

First Fu Film: Chinese Connection

Sources: DDDhouse, YesAsia, CD-wow, deepdiscountdvd.com, ebay, local chain stores, and especially good traders from this forum!!

Background: Been watching since gradeschool (@85'). Only been collecting off and on for the last 5. Have around 350+ original titles.

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31 year old from Tennessee. I started watching kung fu movies in 1985 ( I was in 5th grade). I statred collecting in 1999 and I have 100+ old school movies and 130 Celestial shaw movies.I usually buy from yesasia.

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Guest lacali

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Kung Fu collection started in 1986 but majority of collection actually started in 1990.

First Kung Fu film in collection: The Shanghai 13

Total titles collected so far: 850+ including over 200 celestial released Shaw Brothers

Sources: Advantage Video (no longer exists), Beijing Video, Grandmaster Video, HKflix, Kungfumovies.net, Asiandisc.com, Pokerindustries.com, Half.com, Hivizone.com, Sensasian.com, Yesasia.com, Layoyo.com, CDwow.com, DDDhouse.com, BestBuy, Circuit City, many local video stores, and the other kungfu fans I met here.

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Guest rindge

Rindge living in Buffalo by way of Boston (Roxbury actually).

Been collecting hardcore since 1993-4. Started the 1st website in 1995 - The Trader's Forum - to facilitate the trading of Asian movies. Major sources in the early days wereNY based - 43rd chamber, films and games, and karate videos, and the bazaar in Harlem on 125th. After the website the sources were from all over the US.

Stopped collecting in 1999 but have been on the Celestial Bandwagon for obvious reasons since 2002? DDDHouse is my primary source of films these days except when I find myself in NYC - Sept 3rd is the next trip.

I have about 300+ VHS and a growing library of DVD's.


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