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  1. SMK

    In: Cobra Kai Season 4 | Behind The Scenes | Netflix

    By SMK, 01/14/2022

    Thanks for sharing. Love this series!

  2. Majin Android

    In: Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 29

    By Majin Android, 12/22/2021

    I like that channel and these videos they put out. The guest experts make it awesome and credible but tbh the hosts get on my nerves. Too much sh*t talking in the tone of their voice, it extends to the guests sometimes too.

  3. morpheus

    In: The Policeman's Lineage (2022) 경관의 피 Movie Trailer | EONTALK

    By morpheus, 12/15/2021

    This looks very interesting.  Thanks for posting!!

  4. laagi

    In: Fight Against Evil (东北警察故事, 2021) chinese action trailer

    By laagi, 11/19/2021

    With the endless amount of streaming content coming out of China, mostly ranging from poor to average. This somehow stood out to me at least from the trailer it looks to deliver on the action. BTW, the whole movie is on YouTube ;) So it might be worth checking out. From the bits and pieces I've seen so far there's some good fight scenes. And in old Jackie Chan manner we even get a behind the scenes look during the credits.


  5. Tomasz

    In: Train with Van Damme - Lesson 1 [1/5]

    By Tomasz, 11/05/2021

    Well , who doesnt know Jean C.Van Damme ? And perhaps most fans would like to see him kicking or jumping but...

    I guess he wants to show what to do to be in  a good shape and to still be able to punch and kick, especially when you are more than fifty.

    I also experience this ... without some stretching, gymnastics, running I wouldn't be able to do the things that I can still do, being just more than fifty.

    Of course, health is essential but we can help our health be a lttle better. There were some moments when I thought it's over, something bad happened to my

    joints or bones. But when I started to do some exercises which are 'around' martial art, my injuries had gone. Such exercises take more time, they are not

    exciting but they can be very helpful - like I said - especially when you are older.

    Good luck !

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