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  1. Dredderick_Tatum

    In: SHANG-CHI AND THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS | Interview with Death Dealer Actor Andy Le

    By Dredderick_Tatum, 09/21/2021

    I've got mixed feelings on this, as Andy and his boys are great and deserve recognition, but it's a shame that they're being used in such a bad movie. Although it may actually work in their favour as in such a movie Andy's performance is the one thing that everyone agrees was worth watching.

    So sad to hear about Brad, at least through movies he'll live on forever.


  2. shaolin swords

    In: New York Ninja (2021) - Official Trailer - Vinegar Syndrome Pictures

    By shaolin swords, 09/06/2021

    this one looks like a wild and crazy flick am going to check it out when it comes out just for the hell of it but this suppost to be released in 1984 ? and never did get released thats crazy 

  3. LiuYiLong

    In: Eastern Heroes Magazine - Issue 2 Preview / Review

    By LiuYiLong, 09/05/2021

    @SMK Yessir, thats me :) The channel is still quite new, but I've been a member here for a good few years now under my married Chinese name :)

    Thanks for checking out the videos and subbing! It's massively appreciated!

  4. SMK

    In: Eastern Heroes Magazine - Issue 2 Preview / Review

    By SMK, 09/05/2021


    I didn't realize you were Fanatical Dragon, or else I would have tagged you on the post. Loved the review, and channel. I recently subbed. 

  5. LiuYiLong

    In: Eastern Heroes Magazine - Issue 2 Preview / Review

    By LiuYiLong, 09/04/2021

    Thanks for sharing out my wee video on Issue 2 @SMK !

    I'm really stoked to be able to write the ' 5 Fingers of Discs' Bluray section for the magazine and we have lots of exciting things planned for the issues to come :)

    It's also really great to see the magazine banner on the website here, and the advert for 36 Styles in the issue!

    I'll continue to shout out the forum and the glorious @KUNG FU BOB artwork available through here to any and all who will listen!

    Roll on Issue 3!


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