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  1. ShawAngela

    In: The Snake Prince (1976) The Angelic Voice Of Chen-Chi Lin

    By ShawAngela, 01/23/2021

    Yes, it's from The Snake Prince, but I'm not so sure that it's really Lin Chen Chi's voice, since the Shaws often used singers such as Tsin Ting to sing in their movies without crediting them at all in the credits of the movies...

  2. tdb

    In: 27岁的王晶给邵氏编剧,一本正经的武侠片,画风突变成恐怖片!【香港老片迷】

    By tdb, 01/22/2021

    I've got that, but either I've never watched it or it's been a looong time since I've watched it.  Thanks.

  3. TibetanWhiteCrane
  4. ShawAngela

    In: When Angela Mao Gets "Pushed Too Far"

    By ShawAngela, 01/19/2021

    You chose the right thing to show me just before going to bed !!😂👍

  5. ShawAngela

    In: David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (from "Kung Fury") [Official Video]

    By ShawAngela, 01/12/2021

    And I have now a part of the song in my head !!😁

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