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Brandon Lee vs. Bolo Yeung

By SMK, 02/10/2021
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If I'm not mistaken but most of his fights in Legacy were not done by him. Partially because he didn't want the comparison to his father.

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My favorite  fight scene in the whole movie!  I can understand why Brandon didn't like doing the fights in the flim due to alot of people wanting him to fight like his father.  If  the action director who was Mang Hoi and the other choreographers who worked on the fights actually made Brandon Lee style fights instead trying to mimic his father then i believe it would'ev worked out better.  I understand Brandon wasn't easy to be around due to his  young age being rebellious at that time in his life.  But some of the people behind the scenes didn't make things easy neither on Brandon's case.   He did a good job what he was given to do, what he was willingly to do under Ronny Yu's  direction in the flim.

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