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New York Ninja (2021) - Official Trailer - Vinegar Syndrome Pictures

By SMK, 09/04/2021
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 NEW YORK NINJA, a film that was abandoned during its production in 1984 resulting in all original sound materials, scripts and treatments going missing. We acquired the rights and original negative and after nearly two years of painstaking work, spearheaded by Vinegar Syndrome's Kurtis Spieler, we've completed what we think is one hell of a movie, that stays true to its 42nd St roots, while employing the voice talents of the likes of Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Michael Berryman and Cynthia Rothrock. Stay tuned for more info, including details on the world theatrical premiere and upcoming home video release!


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shaolin swords


this one looks like a wild and crazy flick am going to check it out when it comes out just for the hell of it but this suppost to be released in 1984 ? and never did get released thats crazy 

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