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Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀- Episode 1 Scene 1

By tdb, 05/03/2020
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If you have a taste for fantasy wu xia and are a fan of Thunderbirds, Thunderbolt Fantasy is the show you are looking for.  This show is available on Crunchyroll.  There are two seasons and two movies.  I first learned of these guys, Pili International Multimedia,  from their Legend of the Sacred Stone (2000) movie.  Thunderbolt Fantasy is a Taiwanese/Japanese co-production, so it's more like an anime, but with puppets.  There's even a Pili on Netflix, but it's way denser, more like a normal Chinese tv wu xia, The Return of the Condor Heroes (1983) for instance.  Thunderbolt Fantasy is much more accessible.

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I remember Legend of the Sacred Stone from back in the day. This clip is great. The visual effects, sound effects, wind in their hair :smile, it's all done really well. Thanks for sharing this, I had no idea about this. 

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