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Transactional & Tracking Info Emails

An order placed on the site will generate a confirmation email with the items in your order, the price per item, the tax if applicable, the shipping cost, and your mailing address. Your tracking number is emailed to you once your order has been shipped and completed. If you are not receiving these emails, it is most likely that they have been sent to your spam folder, promotions folder, or other folders.

If they were sent to your spam folder, click on the “report not spam” button, or something similar, if you find them there. I have been working on the email situation over the years, and hopefully, most of you have been receiving these transactional emails. If you checked your spam folder and/or any other folders mentioned and do not have these emails, please feel free to contact me.


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Abbot of 36 Styles based in Northern Shaolifornia. Focused daily on maintaining as well as working towards the opening of new chambers that will further promote the genre of martial arts films or the martial world as a whole.

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