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Welcome to the New Home of 36 Styles

After years of contemplation, hesitation, and procrastination, I am so proud to finally be able to say, WELCOME TO THE BRAND NEW 36 STYLES WEBSITE! To say this website has been years in the making would be an understatement. I am not saying that I have been working on the new site for years, but that I knew a newer, up to date version of the site had to be made. At the core, everything the previous site, ‘ShaolinChamber36.com’ was built on, was outdated and in desperate need of a refresh. I also decided that I wanted the new site to be focused on selling products from the 36 STYLES brand. I will not bore you with all the details, just know that countless hours have been spent on making this site, it was definitely a labor of love that we hope will be successful so we may continue to keep producing and releasing products based on the genre of martial arts cinema.



Continue to update the site with new features while working on its stability, speed, and improvements.

New Designs

Stay on our set schedule of releasing at least 1 new 36 Styles design each month while slowly starting to introduce new products for the brand.


Focus on adding new features to the Kung Fu Fandom Forum, promoting the forum, and hosting community events with contests, raffles and more.

Kung Fu Bob

Build the official Kung Fu Bob website where his art prints and posters, that consist of more than just those of the martial arts film genre will be for sale.


About Raymond

Abbot of 36 Styles based in Northern Shaolifornia. Focused daily on maintaining as well as working towards the opening of new chambers that will further promote the genre of martial arts films or the martial world as a whole.

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