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Martial arts film fans from all over the world have been buying, wearing and supporting the 36 Styles brand since 2011.

In 2008 the prep work began for an idea I had for an apparel line that paid homage to classic martial arts films. August 2, 2011, was when 36 Styles made its official public launch with its original 4 designs; Invincible Armour, Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow, Dance of the Drunk Mantis & The Hot, The Cool and The Vicious

Many more designs came soon after the initial first 4, and in the way the shirts were made in the beginning, this led to many designs selling out. At one time we had roughly 100 unique designs available for sale. Since the launch of this site at the end of 2019, we began to focus on limiting the number of designs and offer some in limited quantities.

 by SMK – Abbot

The Team

"I want to create a new chamber", one where fans of the martial arts film genre can purchase shirts based on their favorite films.

Greetings from the confines of 36 Styles. My name is Raymond, but I go by the moniker of  ‘SMK’ on this site, which is an abbreviation for Shaolin webMaster Killer. This name derives from the U.S. titling for the classic Shaw Brothers film, ‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin‘. Since I am a shy person and one who is not fond of taking pictures of himself, who better to take on the persona of than the #1 Shaolin monk in all the kung fu cinema world which is of course played by the legendary Gordon Liu.

by SMK – Abbot

Kung Fu Bob’s temple is a secret underground lair somewhere in Pennsylvania, where he collects posters, movies, and weaponry. When he’s not chilling in there, he spends time with his family, gets crazy with the nunchaku, and works as an artist.

 by Kung Fu Bob O’Brien – Artist/Designer






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Thank You For The Support

Buddha Bless You

If people continue to support, we will keep pushing forward with the advancement of the brand by releasing new designs.

We are truly humbled by each and every purchase of our products, and when someone chooses to show love to the brand by sharing a picture of their purchase, it truly means the world to us. We are motivated by the positive feedback we receive and from the those of you from all over the world whom have not only bought a product of ours, but came back for more.

by SMK – Abbot