36 Cinema Screening ‘Heroes of the East’

Kung Fu Bob, the man behind many of the most popular 36 Styles shirt designs is a tremendous artist, that has been producing visually stunning work for many years. He has produced not only shirt designs, but prints and posters, as well as book covers, and most recently many blu-ray covers for several different release companies. Not too long ago, Bob was approached for some custom work, and this is how it went down.

So… I get a call. “RZA would like you to do some Shaw Brothers artwork.”

Yes, RZA of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.

Cut to my jaw hitting the floor. LOL

As if that isn’t crazy enough, it just so happens to be for my favorite Shaw Brothers film, HEROES OF THE EAST (the first kung fu film I showed my wife)!

So here’s why: RZA has a new thing called 36 Cinema that shows classic kung fu (and samurai) films and he and other guests do live audio commentaries for them. This Saturday (yes, in less than two days) RZA and Dan Halsted (HK cinema expert, renowned 35mm film collector, programmer for Portland’s Hollywood Theater, and super cool and nice guy) will be doing one for HEROES OF THE EAST. To promote it they had me create new poster artwork for the film, and they will be selling the artwork on their site as posters and T-shirts. Also, they are offering a Limited Edition version of the poster signed by the RZA himself. Only 36 available, get yours before it’s gone!

Yesterday there was an article about RZA’s upcoming new music, and they mentioned the 36 Cinema thing and showed a picture of my art… in Rolling Stone! Rolling freaking Stone! Yeah, I started reading that magazine when I was about 13, so this was a huge thrill for me.

Anyway, if you love kung fu please help promote the Saturday event and the 36 Cinema site by sharing this post and info here and on your other social media platforms. Thanks very much in advance. And hope you’ll join the fun and give the commentary a listen. RZA and Dan both really love the genre and know their stuff.

Heroes of the East – Saturday, April 24th at 6pm PT / 9pm ET
Tickets available here


HEROES OF THE EAST Poster – Work in Progress


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