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Diggin’ VHS

Collecting big box and clamshell VHS has always been one of my favorite things to collect (and I collect a lot of different things). As a DJ that travels the globe, it’s always mandatory that I take a day or two in between gigs to find the local shops where I can dig for records, VHS, vintage toys, posters and other cool stuff. With the recently launched Kung Fu Movie Collectors Club line with 36 Styles, I’ve decided to give a play by play account of where I scored the tapes featured on the shirt which have come from various places across. Hope you enjoy the read!

All content on this page has been written and provided by Skeme Richards, The Nostalgia King.


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Abbot of 36 Styles based in Northern Shaolifornia. Focused daily on maintaining as well as working towards the opening of new chambers that will further promote the genre of martial arts films or the martial world as a whole.

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