''Reading a 36 Styles blog is the path to enlightenment'' - SMK

Besides providing unique and original products based on the martial arts film genre, thanks to the contributors listed here, we also intend to deliver some entertaining and informative articles, blogs and think-pieces.

Brandon Best

Brandon Best is a personal trainer, contest prep (Bodybuilding) coach, martial arts teacher, and Boxing coach, currently residing in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Matt Reifschneider

Matt Reifschneider has been writing about genre cinema for over ten years with articles and reviews about martial arts films published at Blood Brothers Film Reviews and the official Shaw Brothers Universe website. He is also the co-host of the No Franchise Fatigue podcast.

Meredith Lewis

Meredith Lewis is a writer, channeling her knowledge as a former performing artist into analysis of what makes martial arts films so great. Meredith recently published a book about Shaw Brothers called Ask for the Moon.