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36 Styles – Official Logo Design

A version of the logo design was offered once before, on the ‘ShaolinChamber36.com’ website. That design was crisp, clear, pristine condition, you can say it was the “remastered” version, even though a “damaged” version did not exist. Well given the fact that so many of the films we grew up watching were made in the late ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, and the quality of these prints often were nowhere near-perfect, I felt that offering a version of the logo with a damaged and grunge appearance was only fitting. So in honor of the 3rd generation, bootleg VHS tapes that were converted to DVD format in which the quality of the film contained grain, dust, dirt, scratches, hair, etc., this “not so new” revision of the 36 Styles logo pays homage to those classic films respectfully.

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About Raymond

Abbot of 36 Styles based in Northern Shaolifornia. Focused daily on maintaining as well as working towards the opening of new chambers that will further promote the genre of martial arts films or the martial world as a whole.

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