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Angela Mao “Lady Kung Fu” (2 Color)

A while back, I received an inquiry regarding the ANGELA MAO “LADY KUNG FU” design, if it was possible to offer this design on a black shirt. The design since its original release, so many years ago, was a 1 color black design. Meaning this design worked only on white and light colors, though some darked-toned shirt colors were offered such as military green and charcoal grey.

I wanted to accommodate a loyal 36 Styles customer, so I opened up the design to see what I could do. I ended up settling for a quick and dirty fix, I simply added a white stroke around the design while at the same time filling in the non-black parts of the design with white. I also changed out the original 36 Styles logo with a solid version of the logo and changed it to white. This quick-fix worked and looked good on a black shirt, and the customer was happy with the result.

This special version of the ANGELA MAO design was offered as a limited edition version on the previous website where 36 STYLES product was sold, that being, ShaolinChamber36.com. When the new 36 Styles website was launched, and to downsize the catalog of designs we offered, I did not offer this 2 color version, that is until now.

After getting yet another request for the 2 color version of the design, I decided to work on it again so it looked its best on black and dark colored shirts, which is what I did. I do hope you like it.


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