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Lo Meng “Life Gamble” Design

Here is a minimalistic design catered to those who like black and white photos, Lo Meng, and Shaw Brothers entertainment. There will be some more 1 and 2 color designs coming out in the near future, more in the style of our Master of the Flying Guillotine and Dance of the Drunk Mantis designs. We will also be bringing out photo based designs with a little added 36 Styles flavor to it from time to time, much like the new ‘Lo Meng’ design. This design will only be available for a limited time, then removed from the website, so get it while you can. Thank you so much for your support.

UPDATE: As of March 1, 2021, this design is no longer available for sale. Thank you to those who purchased it while it was available.


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Abbot of 36 Styles based in Northern Shaolifornia. Focused daily on maintaining as well as working towards the opening of new chambers that will further promote the genre of martial arts films or the martial world as a whole.

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