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Invincible Armour “Eagle Claw” Design

This redesign (of sorts) has been something I’ve wanted to do for some time now. The original version was released back in 2013, and was called Invincible Armour “Shield”. While the design was received very well from the supporters of the 36 Styles brand, I wanted to make 1 specific change to the design and re-release it. After so many years, I have finally got around to doing just that. So to those of you who have purchased the original “Shield” version can consider yourselves the proud owner of a ‘collectors edition’ 36 Styles shirt.

The changes made to the design are as follows:

  • I took off the background shield as I was never really happy with it, as it was supposed to represent the ’36 Styles’ shield, but I assumed that some people will think it’s the Shaw Brothers shield, and I didn’t want people to think that we, here at 36 Styles thought Invincible Armour was a Shaw Brother’s movie when it is not. It’s funny because there use to be a DVD that sold years ago, that actually had a SB logo on the front cover. Here is a pic of it here.
  • I removed the 36 Styles logo from the bottom center and placed it on the right side. I also changed the style of the logo to the version without the lines.
  • I added the Lai Wah Film Company logo at the bottom where the 36 Styles logo use to be.
  • I added a white stroke around the whole design so now the design can work on any color shirt, including black.


Invincible Armour “Eagle Claw” Available On The Following Shirt Styles


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